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Simplify Your Process
Withstand Scrutiny
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Simplify your process. Withstand scrutiny. Facilitate strategic growth.

Don’t Let Uncertainty Sabotage Your Compliance Program

Know what needs to be done, but don’t know where to start? Our years of experience will help you get the support you need to implement and maintain your program.

Complex programs. Clear solutions.

We know that building and maintaining an effective compliance program is a daunting task. That’s why we partner with you to create an efficient system that withstands scrutiny.

Understand regulations

Compliance regulations are constantly changing. We’ll help you stay on top of what’s current and how to apply it to your organization.

Avoid risk and exposure

We know reducing risk is one of your top priorities. We’ll help you identify weak spots and install layers of protection.

Create a strategy

Whether you’re looking to build a new program or maintain a current one, let’s work together to make a plan for moving forward.

Build a Program You Can Trust

We’ll help you build a strong, effective compliance program so your organization can grow.


Tap into the 25 years experience working with a broad spectrum of healthcare specialties to build effective compliance programs.


Our systems streamline the process of building and maintaining a compliance program that meets and exceeds overall expectations.


With confidence in your compliance program, you can help your organization move forward strategically.

Simplify Your Process

At Ronan Healthcare Consultants we know that you want to be an effective compliance leader, but without the hands-on experience you need to build and manage an effective compliance program, you’re worried you might expose your organization to risk or worse.

How can you build a compliance program you can trust?

We understand that the stakes are high. That’s why, using our years of experience in healthcare and compliance, we partner with healthcare leaders like you to implement effective compliance programs that withstand scrutiny.

You deserve access to expertise and resources that can help you simplify the process of building and maintaining an effective compliance program.

Let’s work together so you can stop worrying about the strength of your compliance program and instead become a strategic leader in your organization’s growth.

"Ronan Healthcare Consultants is an excellent resource for anyone needing to enhance or build a compliance program. Their simplified approach and expertise in compliance are paramount in the healthcare industry."

Craig Wilson, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, HealthEdge

“Ronan Healthcare Consultants’ expertise is not only in building a first-class healthcare compliance program but also in operations and executive leadership. The leadership team’s guidance in revenue cycle management, audit, and systems review is exceptional!”

Cathy McDowell, Chief Operating Officer, Synergy Health Partners

“When it comes to healthcare compliance, Ross’ experience and knowledge are unparalleled."

Jillian Marcus, Chief Compliance Officer, Envision Healthcare

“Ross has an abundance of experience in establishing effective compliance programs that not only meet the regulators' expectations but go beyond what is expected while simultaneously ensuring the organization is able to meet its strategic goals within the framework of a compliant workplace. He also mentors individuals by helping develop their critical thinking skill to identify solutions to complex problems or to anticipate questions posed by key stakeholders."

Amanda Doran, Chief Compliance Officer, US Acute Care Solutions

"Ross understands how to uniquely apply compliance to specific healthcare specialties and provided strategic guidance when carious compliance issues arose."

Patricia Steiner, DMD, Former Chief Quality and Compliance Officer, Children’s Choice Dental Care

"I have worked with Ross for over 15 years in the healthcare industry and have the utmost respect and confidence in his abilities. Ross approaches projects with a unique blend of operational savvy, deep knowledge, and experience in compliance matters exercising innovative thought processes and unwavering integrity."

Todd Zimmerman, Healthcare Executive, Former CEO of EmCare Inc.

“Partnering with Ross and Ronan Healthcare Consultants has been the perfect fit for our organization. We needed assistance with compliance planning and RHC was able to tailor the engagement based on our specific needs. It’s been a pleasure working with the RHC team and would certainly recommend them to other healthcare leaders seeking compliance consulting.”

John Mizerany, Chief Executive Officer, Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care

"Ronan Healthcare Consultants was able to help our organization navigate an ever-changing Vaccine Mandate and provided guidance, solutions, and a long-term sustainable plan for our organization. With their assistance, we were able to successfully have 97% of our 8,000+ employees reach fully-vaccinated status in record-setting time. More importantly, they were able to help us develop strategies and processes that we will be able to carry onto other compliance projects. They are an incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and wonderful group to work with."

Yazmin B. Hamilton, Vice President of Compliance, 24 Hour Home Care

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Most compliance professionals lack access to the resources and expertise to manage an effective compliance program. At Ronan Healthcare Consultants we help simplify the process to build an effective program that protects the organization and facilitates strategic growth.

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