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Whether you’re tasked with building a compliance program from the ground up or are knee-deep in running an existing program, we can help.

Compliance Officers
General Counsels
Chief Executive Officers

Compliance Officers

As a compliance officer, you’re well acquainted with the Office of the Inspector General’s Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program. The problem now is translating those seven elements into an actionable plan that you can implement and run.

While your plan might look good on paper, you wish you could run it by someone with real-world experience who could point out strengths, weaknesses, and offer useful advice.

At Ronan Healthcare Consultants, our experience is at your disposal. Our strategy sessions and advisory services can give you the guidance you need, access to templates and processes, and if necessary, a risk assessment.

You don’t have to do this alone. With a trusted advisor on your side, you can feel confident that you are creating and running the most effective compliance program for your organization.

General Counsel

You’re great at understanding and interpreting the law, but that expertise may not extend to creating complex programs for an entire organization. If you’ve been tasked with creating a compliance program, you may be feeling out of your depth.

You know that to get this right, you need help from someone with experience, expertise, and boots-on-the-ground knowledge.

Ronan Healthcare Consultants can guide you through the process. With extensive experience in both law and the healthcare industry, we can review, advise, and strategize with you to create, implement, and run a successful compliance program.

With expert support, you can rest assured that your compliance program will protect and serve your organization.


You know that you need a compliance program, but you also know that when done incorrectly, compliance can shut an organization down for a multitude of reasons.

You need a team player—a program that will comply with the law while still supporting and encouraging growth.

Ronan Healthcare Consultants can help you build the program you need. Compliance programs are inherently tricky—you’ve got to allow for growth, but stay within regulated bounds. We’ll make sure your program does both.

Our built-for-you programs will help your organization stay up-to-date, avoid risk and exposure, and allow for growth.

Compliance Programs You Can Trust
Most compliance professionals lack access to the resources and expertise to manage an effective compliance program. At Ronan Healthcare Consultants we help simplify the process to build an effective program that protects the organization and facilitates strategic growth.

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