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Compliance consulting and program services for private equity firms

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How strong is your compliance program?

Whether you are doing your due diligence on new acquisitions or building a multi-practice program, you need to trust your compliance program is effective. Working with a compliance expert will give you the confidence to move forward.

"Ronan Healthcare Consultants has been an invaluable resource, providing support and direction on multiple healthcare industry projects. Ross is a true pleasure to work with, bringing that rare combination of technical healthcare expertise, but with an immense experience base that informs his pragmatic approach and consultation in a complex and rapidly changing market environment."

Carl Zimmerman, Principal, Amulet Capital Partners

Protect Your Healthcare Organization in 3 Easy Steps

Connect with an Expert

We start by listening to you, assessing your areas of risk and exposure, and providing recommendations.

Select Your Level of Service

Then we provide customized services to advise, collaborate, and/or build your Compliance Program.

Trust You're Protected

And finally, you can trust your Compliance Program so your healthcare organization and investment are protected!

Engage Our Team of Experts

With over 15 years in the industry, we understand the complexity behind compliance programs. We offer two levels of service to meet your organization’s needs.

Due Diligence
We work with Compliance Officers to review their program and provide recommendations for avoiding unnecessary risk and exposure.
Program Build
Our highest level of service supports executives and private equity firms so they can protect their organization and become leaders in the industry.
“Ross has an abundance of experience in establishing effective compliance programs that not only meet the regulators' expectations but go beyond what is expected while simultaneously ensuring the organization is able to meet its strategic goals within the framework of a compliant workplace. He also mentors individuals by helping develop their critical thinking skill to identify solutions to complex problems or to anticipate questions posed by key stakeholders."

Amanda Doran, Chief Compliance Officer, US Acute Care Solution

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Your organization’s needs are complex and unique. Schedule an introductory call to learn how our team can help you lead your organization to an effective compliance program.

Compliance Programs You Can Trust
Most compliance professionals lack access to the resources and expertise to manage an effective compliance program. At Ronan Healthcare Consultants we help simplify the process to build an effective program that protects the organization and facilitates strategic growth.

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