Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We build, collaborate, and advise on Compliance Programs for growing healthcare organizations. We also provide Compliance Due Diligence for healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

Who do you do it for?

We do it for all healthcare specialties, especially those trying to scale for growth.

What is Compliance Due Diligence?

Looking at risks and exposures from a compliance perspective, there are compliance risks and exposures in healthcare that financial and legal firms often underestimate.

Why is a Compliance Program necessary?

The Affordable Care Act requires healthcare companies who accept government money to have a Compliance Program. A Compliance Program helps reduce the chances of getting penalized by the government and can allow for potential leniency if any laws are violated. Ultimately, compliance programs protect healthcare companies, their leadership, and their board of directors.

What makes you stand apart?
  • We possess 75 combined years of hands-on experience working in healthcare compliance.

  • We act as the interim Compliance Officer to provide the functionality of the Compliance Department while building a Compliance Program.

  • When the Compliance Program is operational, we recruit, interview, and assist in hiring a long-term Compliance Officer.

  • We mentor new and established Compliance Officers to become Compliance Executives.

    Compliance Programs You Can Trust
    Most compliance professionals lack access to the resources and expertise to manage an effective compliance program. At Ronan Healthcare Consultants we help simplify the process to build an effective program that protects the organization and facilitates strategic growth.

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